Hello, I'm Kevin.

I'm a designer, developer, multimedia producer, experienced journalist and editor based in Atlanta, Ga.

I'd love to talk about how I can help build your products, using the knowledge and skills I've built over the past decade-plus in the fields of journalism and web production. I have experience with HTML and CSS, with working familiarity of JavaScript, React and other frameworks. I've built sites in WordPress, am experienced and proficient in the full Adobe Suite, and I bring a creative and attentive eye to any project in front of me.

While my professional background makes me an expert for any newsroom, my ambitions lie in transitioning to a more technical and web-based role. I've studied full-stack web development (completing the DigitalCrafts bootcamp in 2020) and UX/UI design in an effort to fullfil those ambitions, and feel I have necessary skills and insight to help lead and contribute to a variety of projects.

If interested, email me or message me on LinkedIn. Feel free to check out my GitHub as I continue on my path as a developer. And check out some of my past newspaper designs.

Here are some of my web projects.

I'll update this with more ongoing projects and details soon, but feel free to ask if you have any questions on what's listed. I led the design on each of the following:

  • Alex Raymond Travels: Local travel agent's website built with WordPress, Elemntor and custom CSS. Full-stack website with blog specially built to customer's needs and satisfaction.
  • Taskwork: A full-stack workflow application built with a team of 4. I led the design and CSS efforts and helped with data management on the back end.
  • Quiz Yo'Self: Front-end quiz web application built by a team of 4 using vanilla HTML, CSS and JS. I led the design, branding and CSS. Would love to rebuild with React one day.

Various other projects online from my GitHub:

I'll have more listed here soon. Please get in touch if you'd like to chat.